My name is James.

Thirty something.

Based in the english countryside with my wife and dog.

Software engineer and ASPIRING writer.

This newsletter has taken many forms over the years.

The writing that resonates with me the most and keeps me coming back is the translucent view into peoples lives. I like hearing from people who are figuring things out as they go along and narrating their voyage.

Cultivate is my place to write about my journey. It’s to write about my interests, what I am pondering at the moment or what is keeping me up at night. The ups, downs, decisions, trials and tribulations that come with being a human being on this lump of rock we call Earth.

This is my portrayal of my search to find and understand success, happiness, fulfilment & joy.

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I write for ambitious software engineers and leaders looking to cultivate their careers.


James Bedford

Recluse. Software Engineer Manager.